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Nick Yerhart’s Multi-Faceted Approach to Empowerment


Nick Yerhart is a dynamic individual with a passion for empowering others to reach their fullest potential. Through his unique blend of coaching services, Nick is making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and businesses alike.

Your Abilities Are Infinite

Nick Yerhart manifests his company’s motto in all aspects of his coaching. Born with cerebral palsy, Nick never fails to push himself and his clients.

“My whole life is about breaking through. If you tell me I can’t, I’ll show you I can. I love it when somebody says I can’t do something, because - guess what? I will do it. The doctors literally said, ‘you’re not going to walk.’ At four or five years old, I started walking, and I’ve been walking ever since.”

Different Abilities Coaching

Nick extends specialized support to families of special needs children and individuals with different abilities. Drawing from personal experiences and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by these individuals and their families, Nick offers guidance, resources, and encouragement to navigate life's journey with confidence and resilience.

“Part of my business supports helps parents of children with special abilities to feel comfortable allowing their children to take chances and push their limits. Without my parents pushing me to do more and letting me experience what I could do, taking chances, I wouldn’t be where am.”

Life Coaching to Inspire Personal Progress

Nick’s Life Coaching services are designed to ignite motivation and facilitate personal growth. Through one-on-one sessions, he empowers individuals to break through limiting beliefs, set meaningful goals, and cultivate the mindset needed to achieve them. With a focus on holistic development, Nick’s coaching transcends conventional boundaries, guiding clients towards fulfillment in all aspects of life.

“I know how important it is to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. That’s why I really love coaching.”

Business Coaching with Grant Cardone Certification

Leveraging his certification in the Grant Cardone program, Nick delivers impactful Business Coaching services aimed at driving tangible results.

“My dad, David Yerhart, was a business owner. He operated Y Waste Removal, and I learned the ins and outs of business from him, including the challenges business owners face in the real world.”

Armed with that real-world perspective and insights from one of the world’s foremost sales training platforms, Nick equips entrepreneurs and business owners with strategies to scale their ventures, boost sales, and optimize operational efficiency. His ability to dissect financial metrics and identify growth opportunities sets him apart as a trusted advisor in the business realm.

Nick's Personal Philosophy and Drive

Nick’s own journey, marked by triumphs over adversity and steadfast determination, serves as a living example for his clients, embodied by his business motto, “Your Abilities Are Infinite.” Nick’s philosophy centers on embracing challenges, pushing beyond perceived limitations, and crafting a life of purpose and fulfillment. With a contagious zeal for progress and a relentless pursuit of excellence, he inspires those around him to strive for greatness.

Rooted in the fabric of Austin, Nick Yerhart’s coaching services serve as catalysts for positive change, empowering individuals and businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. With a genuine appreciation for the camaraderie and spirit of collaboration within his hometown, Nick remains deeply connected to the pulse of the community, contributing to its growth and vitality through his transformative work.

As a member of the Austin Area Chamber of Commerce, Nick says he looks forward to making more connections.

“My dad was a big believer in the Chamber for networking and marketing. I’m excited to make those connections and to be a part of the new Go! Austin Minnesota App.”

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