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Kids Day on the Farm
Kids Day on the Farm

Day on the Farm

Connecting kids with our local food producers.

Each year, hundreds of third graders from Pacelli, Austin and Lyle schools visit a variety of agricultural operations to see where their food comes from and to meet real-live farmers (and their livestock, of course).

Why Does Day on the Farm Matter?

Many children have no idea where their food comes from. This is a foundational challenge.

Through the Day on the Farm visits, third-grade children in the Austin area experience farming and food production, giving them an appreciation for the amount of hard work needed to put food on the table. Through hands-on activities like visiting a farm and engaging in farm-related tasks, local kids better understand the importance of healthy, fresh, and local food, and discover the connections between the environment and our food.

Day on the Farm helps foster a sense of responsibility, respect, and appreciation for the land and its stewards .