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Voice of Business

Voice of Business
State Capitol Dome Exterior
Voice of Business
A Voice of Influence For Austin

The Voice of Business ensures that Austin area businesses have a collective voice with government while strategically assessing larger trends that impact our members and the Austin community.

Through the Voice of Business, business owners influence decision-making at the local, state, and national level. It is a platform for business owners to express their ideas and opinions on how to improve the local, state, and national business environment. Additionally, the program gives Chamber members access to valuable resources, such as research and data, that can be used to inform their positions and advocacy efforts.

The Voice of Business program also provides an opportunity for business owners to network with other members of the Chamber of Commerce so we can build  partnerships and share ideas that can help our businesses thrive. Additionally, the program provides members with access to media outlets and other communication channels, allowing them to effectively spread their message and reach a larger audience.

The Austin Area Chamber of Commerce  provides a variety of tools, such as templates and guides, to help business owners better communicate their message and ideas. This allows them to craft effective messages that are tailored to their audience. Additionally, the program provides members with access to public speaking training, so they can better communicate their ideas and be heard.

By leveraging the resources and tools provided through the program, business owners can effectively shape the future of their businesses and the local business environment as a whole.

Voice of Business Actions

  • Policy monitoring
  • Position letters of support
  • Meeting with legislators and policy makers
  • Candidate Q&A forums
  • Local Council and Commissioner meeting attendance
  • Regular communication to members
  • Letters to editor