Who should apply?

Ideal candidates for LEADERSHIP Austin are individuals who:

  • are highly motivated to serve their community and have a passion to make a difference
  • want to cultivate relationships with a network of other community leaders, for both personal and professional benefit
  • have demonstrated community involvement
  • represent various sectors of the community: business, industry, education, public and private agencies, civic groups and other facets of the community
What is the time commitment involved?

LEADERSHIP Austin consists of nine sessions, held the second Thursday of every month.  Participation is the program requires a serious commitment of time and energy.  Participants meet for a full day, each month, meeting September through May.

Selected applicants will be expected to meet the following commitments:

  • attend all program sessions
  • arrive on time and attend the entirety of each session
  • submit a final portfolio and give a 10-minute presentation at May graduation

2021-2020 CALENDAR


       AUGUST                           SEPTEMBER                           OCTOBER                              NOVEMBER                             DECEMBER 
   Program Kickoff                  Community Leadership Day                 Education Day                      
Quality of Life & Diversity Day                Government Day

          JANUARY                               FEBRUARY                               MARCH                                 APRIL                                       MAY 
Business & Economic Day        Community Health Services Day           Public Safety Day            Agriculture & Agribusiness Day              Graduation Day

What is the tuition cost?

Tuition for Leadership Austin is $749.  Tuition is payable at the time a participant is accepted to the program and must be received prior to the August Kickoff session.  Partial Scholarships are available.

Leadership Austin is a program designed as an educational opportunity that enables participants to learn about this area's resources, values, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges.  The intent is to motivate and connect community leaders while developing skills and relationships that will help them become more successful.

Ensuing program days provide participants with a series of tours and presenters, covering major aspects of our community, including Education, Quality of Life & Diversity, Government, Business & Industry, Community Health Services, Public Safety, and Agriculture & Agribusiness.

Since established in 2006, 275 people have graduated from the Leadership Austin program.  Leadership Austin is organized by the Austin Area Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Riverland Community College.

​​Special thanks to our program sponsors:

2020-2021 program has been postponed