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EPIC – Engaging Professionals in Community

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What Is EPIC?

EPIC is a member-driven group of committed professionals in the Austin Area Chamber of Commerce. We pride ourselves on ENGAGING PROFESSIONALS IN COMMUNITY through four focus areas:

  • COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT - (volunteering, community-first activities)
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - (educational programming, mentorship)
  • SOCIAL NETWORKING - (fun and connections)
  • TEAM BUILDING(challenges, problem-solving, leagues, fun physical activities)

EPIC is engaging professionals in the Austin Community

We're moving beyond a "stay put" approach to encouraging area professionals to live, work, and play in the Austin community: We're plugging them in. We're getting them excited and involved in meaningful activities that make everyone proud of our community and ourselves.


  • EPIC membership is only $50 per year.*
  • Your membership includes free or reduced-cost access to events every month.

*[PRO TIP] - If your employer is a Austin Area Chamber of Commerce member, they may cover the cost of your membership. 

connecting young professionals

To learn more about EPIC, contact Chaunce Stanton, Director of Marketing for the Austin Area Chamber of Commerce.



Connect your brand to Austin area professionals who are interested in community involvement, professional development, team building, and networking.