Volunteers Making A Difference

Alms, Sharon (Austin Public Schools) - Ambassadors

Anderson, Corey (Games People Play) - Buy Mower

Arhart, Randy (Hormel Foods Corporation) - Freedom Fest

Arnett, Wendy (Sterling State Bank) - Parade

Asa, Tanner (Asa Auto Plaza) - Ambassadors

Baker, Geoff (McFarland Truck Lines, Inc.) - CEO Program

Baldus, Jeff (Austin Area Foundation) - Freedom Fest, CEO Program

Baldridge, Karen (Keller Williams Premier Realty) - Ambassadors

Barber, Amanda (Hormel Historic Home) - Downtown Retailers

Baskin, Amy (Austin Public Schools) - Business Education

Beckel, Lou (Lou's Forever Framing) - Downtown Retailers, Christmas in the City

Bickler, Justin (Simplified Technology Solutions) - Buy Mower, Freedom Fest, Ambassadors

Bird, Jaclyn (Edward Jones) - Ambassadors

Bires, Lindsay (American Family Insurance) - Ambassadors, Ladies Night Out

Bower, Joseph (Wells Fargo Home Mortgage) - Ambassadors

Budion, Bill (Austin Country Club) - Board of Directors, Freedom Fest, Government Affairs

Bumgardner, Jackie (Games People Play) - Board of Directors, Buy Mower, Christmas in the City, Social Media

Byram, Craig (Hoversten, Johnson, Beckmann & Hovey LLP) - Business Education, Government Affairs

Callahan, CarolLadies Night Out

Callahan, Judy (Hormel Foods Corporation) - Human Resources

Christian, Mary (Mower County Farmers Mutual Insurance) - Ambassadors

Clark, Craig (City of Austin) - Buy Mower

Clennon, Marie (Primrose Retirement Communities) - Ambassadors

Connett, Eric (Heartman Insurance) - Business Education

Cooper, Amy ( RE/MAX Results) - Ambassadors

Dahlback, Duane -100 Club

Deyo, John (ViDeyo Arts) - Buy Mower

Donkers, Ralph (Donkers Hometown Appliances) - Agri-Business, Government Affairs

Duncomb, Kim (Austin Utilities) - Human Resources

Dunlop, Lisa (Raymond James Financial Services) - Ambassadors

Earl, Becky (The Hormel Institute) - Ambassadors

Embacher, Barb (Riverland Community College) - Board Liaison, Business Education

Engleman, Cindy (Smyth Companies, Inc.) - Ladies Night Out, Parade, Ambassadors

Enright, Judy (Hoot & Ole's Tavern) - Board of Directors, Buy Mower, Ambassadors

Fawver, Charlie (Fawver Agency) - 100 Club

Felten, Scott - (Associate) - Agri-Business

Flugum, Machelle (Hill, Larson & Walth, P.A.) - Ladies Night Out, Ambassadors

Forstner, Pam (Cedar Valley Services) - Parade

Fox, Scott (Fox Electric Co., Inc.) - Board of Directors

Fox, Terry (Fox Electric Co., Inc.) - Freedom Fest

Fritz, Tim ( Hormel Foods Corporation) - Government Affairs, CEO Program

Garate, Miguel (Riverland Community College) - Ambassadors

Garey, Allison (Hormel Foods Corporation) - Leadership Austin

Garry, John (Development Corporation) - Board Liaison, Buy Mower, Marketing, Community Receptionist

Gibson, Jayne (Austin Aspires) - Business Education

Gleason, Steve (US Bank) - 100 Club, Agri-Business, Government Affairs

Gray, Jana (Austin Daily Herald) - Board of Directors, Buy Mower, Government Affairs, Ladies Night Out, Marketing, Social Media, Community Receptionist

Grev, Jeff (Hormel Foods Corporation) - Government Affairs

Groh, Megan (Hy-Vee Food Store) - Ambassadors

Gunderson, Amanda (Home Federal Savings Bank) - Ambassadors

Hanegraaf, Nan (Bremer Bank) - Agri-Business, Ambassadors, Board of Directors

Haney, Lindsey (The Style Lounge Salon) - Social Media, Board of Directors, Downtown Retailers

Hartman, Robert II (Stadheim Jewelers) - Ambassadors

Haugen, Faye (First Farmers & Merchants Bank) - Agri-Business

Haynes, Scott (Hormel Foods Corporation) - Concierge's

Hillberg, George (Hy-Vee, Inc.) - Freedom Fest

Hillberg, Kim (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP) - Buy Mower, Freedom Fest, Ladies Night Out, Parade, Social Media, CEO Program

Hollrah-Asleson, Pam (Poet's Heart/Life Safety 4U) - Ladies Night Out, Freedom Fest

Houck, Adam (Adams, Rizzi & Sween P.A.) - Board of Directors, Business Education

Hovland, Emily (Austin Public Schools) - CEO Program

Howe, John (Howe Advertising & Bail Bonds) - 100 Club

Howe, Ken (Howe Advertising & Bail Bonds) - 100 Club

Ingvaldson, Darrell (Farm Bureau Financial Services) - Agri-Business

Irish, Barry (Sterling State Bank) - Government Affairs

Irvin, Jeff (Northern Country Co-Op) - Agri-Business

Johnson, Aaron (Mayo Clinic Health System - Albert Lea & Austin) - Ambassadors

Johnson, Brad - Freedom Fest

Johnson, Kristine (Mayo Clinic Health System - Albert Lea & Austin) - Board of Directors

Jordal, Michael (Old 218) - Ambassadors

Jorgenson, Kristine (Edward Jones) - Ladies Night Out

Krenz, David (Austin Public Schools) - Board of Directors, CEO Program

Kroneman, Tasha (Medicap Pharmacy) - Ambassadors

Kyle, Jean (Riverland Community College) - Business Education
Landherr, Brenda - (Austin Daily Herald) - Ambassadors

Lanke, Molly (United Way of Mower County) - Ambassadors

Larson, Dale (First Farmers & Merchants Bank) - Agri-Business

Larson, Katie (Hormel Foods Corporation) - Concierge's

Laury, Alex (Laury Insurance) - Ambassadors
Lawhead, Jennifer (Austin Community Learning Center) - Business Education
Lord, Savile (Hormel Foods Corporation) - Downtown Retailers, Business Education

Malo, Andrea (Austin Public Schools) - Business Education, CEO Program

Marmsoler, Dan (Tom's HVAC) -100 Club, Board of Directors, Government Affairs

Marreel, Laura (Austin Catholic Schools) - CEO Program

Maxfield, Tedd (YMCA of Austin) - Freedom Fest

McIntosh, Dick (Seniors Helping Seniors) -100 Club, Buy Mower

Medgaarden, Taggert (Cedar Valley Services) - 100 Club, Board of Directors, Freedom Fest, Government Affairs, Leadership Austin, Social Media

Meyer, Daniel (US Bank) - Agri-Business

Mills, Charles (Mower County Seniors) - Government Affairs

Moline, Chuck (AdvisorNet Financial) - Buy Mower, Government Affairs, Leadership Austin

Moline, Mary& Suzanne (Bendixen Jewelry) - Downtown Retailers. Ladies Night Out

Morem, Danielle (Morem Tree Service) - Board of Directors, Social Media, Ambassadors, CEO Program

Murley, Steve (First Farmers & Merchants Bank) - 100 Club, Agri-Business

Morrison, Nancy (Cooperative Response Center) - Human Resources

Nangle, Chad (Austin Public Schools) - Business Education

Nelson, Erleen (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP) - Business Education, Leadership Austin

Nelson, Jim (Retired) - Parade, Freedom Fest

Nelson, Mary (Hormel Foods Corporation, retired) - Christmas in the City

Newman, Holly (Cedar Valley Services) - Human Resources

Nuckolls, Doug (First Farmers & Merchants Bank) - Freedom Fest, CEO Program

Nystrom, John (Nystrom Signs) - Parade

Oelfke, Lea (Ellis Middle School) - Business Education

Pacholl, Shannon (Our House, LLC)- Ambassadors

Postma, Michael (Workforce Development, Inc.) - Business Education

Powell, Cindy (AmericInn Lodge & Suites) - Christmas in the City

Qualey, Christina (US Bank) - Ambassador

Reese, Lisa (North American Title Company) - Ambassadors

Ritchie, Kelsey (Austin ArtWorks Center) - Downtown Retailers

Ross, Angie (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP) - Human Resources

Ross, Annette (Primrose Retirement Community) - Agri-Business

Ryks, Heather (Austin Daily Herald) - Ladies Night Out

Schara, Lisa (Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation) - CEO Program

Schnable, Nancy (Discover Austin MN) - Board Liaison, Business Education, Social Media

Schultz, Shelly (Hormel Foods Corporation) - Business Education

Sheedy, Laura(Austin Catholic Schools) - Business Education, Human Resources

Smith, Al (Echo Lanes) - Parade

Smith, Geoff (IBI Data) - Human Resources

Srock, Rita (Austin Eagles Club) - Ambassadors

Steele, Erin (Hormel Foods Corporation) - Agri-Business

Stough, Jim (Worlein Funeral Home) - 100 Club, Parade

Swelland, Scott (Austin Ford Chrysler) - Business Education

Tewes, Patty (First Farmers & Merchants Bank) - Downtown Retailers, Leadership Austin

Thome, Gary (Riverland Community College, retired) - Agri-Business
Thompson, Dave (Austin Utilities) - 100 Club

Tjomsland, Laura - Agri-Business

Toland, Nathan (Austin Ford Chrysler) - Parade

Trenhaile, Brett (Farmers & Merchants State Bank) - Agri-Business

Underwood, Kim (Parks & Recreation) - Parade

Walters, Clint (Hormel Foods Corporation) - Board of Directors

Wangen, Abby (Sterling State Bank) - Christmas in the City, Ambassadors

Wangen, Renee (KAUS AM/FM Radio) - Ladies Night Out, Ambassadors

Watkins, Troy (Austin Public Schools) - Business Education

Weitzel, Laurie (CompuServ) - Agri-Business

Welter, Kevin (First Farmers & Merchants Bank) - Agri-Business

Wiechmann, Scott (V.F.W. Post 1216) - Freedom Fest

Wiechmann, Trish (City of Austin) - Human Resources

Wicks, Dale (Quality Pork Processors) - Agri-Business, Board of Directors, Government Affairs, Human Resources, CEO Program

Willrodt, Sheri (Austin Public Schools) - Business Education

Wolesky, Jerry (Fawver Agency) - Concierge's, Marketing, Community Receptionist

Yarger, Linnay (Austin Public Schools) - Agri-Business

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