Member Benefits

The Chamber is a business organization, led by business owners and managers, who design and implement programs to improve our overall business climate. The strength of the Chamber lies in attracting the greatest number of members, thus creating a pool of resources from which ideas, energy and finances can be drawn. We are founded in the principle that “We’re Better Together,” and work collectively toward common goals that benefit both community and individual members. The Chamber represents nearly 400 members that collectively employ over 10,000 people. We invite you to join us!

Prospective members often ask, “what’s in it for me?” That’s a fair question. The Chamber offers a variety of programs and services that provide direct and indirect benefits to all members.  Becoming actively involved enhances your membership benefits.

Through these events members are provided an opportunity to promote their business.

Monthly Business After Hours
Annual Meetings
AMIGO Day Golf Outing
Ag. Appreciation Cookout
Ladies Night Out

The Chamber links all members through a variety of publications & marketing programs.

Membership Directory
Welcome to Austin packets
Chamber Bucks
Media Pack
Customer Referrals
Business Awards
Ribbon Cuttings
Chamber Rewards
Someplace Special magazine
Buy Mower, Grow Mower campaign

Educational Programs
Periodic programs are scheduled to offer information and low-cost training for business owners, managers and employees.

Business Education

Customer Service
Human Resources
Political Issues
Leadership Austin

Services for Your Business
Designed to serve specific needs of members and keep all members informed.

Builders Exchange

Chamber 101

Community Concierge

Member-to-Member Mailings
Mushroom Alerts
Meeting Facility


Promoting Business Interests
The Chamber advocates for business interests at the local and state level, providing all members a unified voice in political affairs.

Government Affairs
Grow Minnesota!
Bio-Business Alliance

The Chamber organizes events that are designed to draw interest and people to our area.

Austin Winter Extravaganza
Agri-Business Summer Appreciation Cookout
Freedom Fest
Awesome Austin