Afternoon Basketball, Swim Team, Boy's Daredevil Class, Youth Sports, Swimming Lessons, Tiny Tikes Sports, Tutoring Services

Tedd Maxfield  704 1st Dr NW | 433-1804 | Email:

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Crossfit for Kids

1804 8th St NW | 507-481-7797 | Email:

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Impact Martial Arts

1300 C 18th Ave NW | 763-228-1591 |

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Yoga Studio of Austin

401 N. Main Street | 507-440-1073

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Programs for Youth and Adults, Municipal Swimming Pool, Riverlside and Packer Arena, 28 Parks, 15 Miles of Trails

Kim Underwood  500 4th Ave NE | 433-1881 |

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Austin Packer "Dome" Indoor track for use during winter months.  Playing field space also available for rent.

Contact: Benjamin Schuller, Facilities Coordinator   507-460-1927   Email:


Individual and Group Skating Lessons

Jake Solberg  500 4th Ave NE | 433-1881 |

Austin Youth Sports, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Football, Hockey, Softball, Wrestling, Cedar River Archery, Austin Trap Shooting, Austin Swim Club, Austin Area Volleyball, Firearms Safety Training

Kim Underwood   500 4th Ave NE | 433-1881

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Fitness Programs

The information found on this page is intended as a resource for families to seek enrichment opportunities for young people in the community.  Most of these organizations have a Facebook page.  Please "like" and "follow" the organizations that interest you.  Most organizations have sliding fees or scholarships available for participation.  Please consult each organization for specific requests.

Volunteering in the community is strongly linked to positive educational outcomes for youth,  Please reach out to the following organizations who periodically have opportunities for youth and/or family service.

  • Austin Public Library
  • Freedom Fest
  • Park and Rec Clean Up Day
  • Readers Cafe (Summer Lunch Reading Program)
  • Salvation Army
  • United Way Day of Caring