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Connecting Young Professionals is currently looking for Board Members for the 2020/2021 year. The role will begin October 2020 and go through September 2021. The role of a board member is to help establish a path for the next year of CYP. This means helping brainstorm events, helping plan events, and playing an active role throughout the events. We have one meeting per month and at least one event per month. We also have committees to serve on including social, professional development, and community service.  Joining the board is a great way to get involved in the community, while networking and building new friendships! If joining the board isn't for you, contact us about serving on a committee to help plan events! The committees meet once per month.

CYP can help you develop relationships with other Austin area young professionals, expand your business connections, enhance your leadership skills, and provide opportunities to get involved in our community! Join CYP of Austin and take advantage of these valuable opportunities!

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What is Connecting Young Professionals (CYP)?

Connect. Grow. Empower.

CYP strives to provide future community leaders with opportunities for networking and personal and professional development. CYP will help members get involved and feel connected to the Austin community. Help support CYP and get your employees involved!

We offer young professionals the opportunity to network with other young professionals in the Austin business community through various professional development, social and community engagement activity offerings.

Connecting young professionals in the Austin area and empowering their growth and success in the community.

A Huge Thank You to Our Sponsors

The Young Professionals group fosters ambition and builds community among young professionals who are paving the way for the Austin Area’s future success and growth. They connect ambitious, young people with a strong, diverse community of peers, mentors, and regional business and civic leaders. Through consistent programming, leadership, and service opportunities, members ultimately become more experienced, community-oriented, and connected.

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