Mower County Government
Courthouse—201 1st St NE

Mower County is governed by a 5-member Board of Commissioners, which meets three times each month at the courthouse in Austin.  For exact meeting times, contact County Coordinator at 437-9549.

To contact county offices:

  • Mower County Assessor: 437-9440
  • Mower County Auditor/Treasurer: 437-9456
  • Mower County Recorder: 437-9446
  • Mower County Attorney: 437-9428
  • Mower County Coordinator: 437-9549
  • Mower County Court Administrator: 437-9465
  • Mower County Correctional Services: 437-9454
  • Mower County Sheriff: 437-9400
  • Mower County Environmental Health: 437-9527
  • Mower County Solid Waste Department: 437-9551
  • Mower County Engineer: 437-7718
  • Mower County Extension Service: 437-9434
  • Mower County Humane Society: 437-9262
  • Mower County Planning & Zoning: 437-9527
  • Mower County Recycling Center: 437-9951
  • Mower County Street Department: 437-9950
  • Mower County Transfer Station: 437-4606

Other contacts:

  • Animal Control: 437-9400
  • Building Permits: 437-9950
  • Department of Human Services: 437-9700
  • Department of Veterans Services: 434-2712
  • Driver’s License Office: 430 10th St NE, 434-2675
  • Emergency Management: 434-2712
  • Hazardous Waste Facility: 437-9551
  • Housing & Redevelopment Authority: 437-9527
  • Passports: 437-9493
  • Post Office: 434-4748
  • Public Health Nursing: 437-9770
  • Vehicle License and Registration: 301 N Main St, 433-8744
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant: 437-7701

Austin Utilities

General Manager, Mark Nibaur
1908 14th St NE
433-8886 E-Mail:

A municipal, not-for-profit utility, Austin Utilities provides electricity, gas and water to Austin area residents and businesses. 

Office hours are Monday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday—Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.   Austin Utilities has Customer Service Technicians available 24 hours a day/365 days a year.  You may call the 24-hour telephone number (433-8886) to report lighting of pilot lights on furnace or gas appliances, carbon monoxide testing, and to report natural gas leaks.

For information on conservation programs, rebates and incentives, contact:

Energy Services Consultant, Kelly Lady
433-8886 E-Mail:

Austin Fire Department
Emergency Dial 9-1-1
Non-emergency: 433-3405

The Austin Fire Department is staffed by a combination of full time and part-time firefighters.

Austin Police Department
Austin-Mower Law Enforcement Center
201 First Street NE
Emergency Dial 9-1-1
Non-emergency: 437-9400

The Austin Police Department currently employs 33 full-time police officers.   In addition to the regular patrol officers, there are also 2 full-time liaison officers, one at Austin High School and one at Ellis Middle School and 3 Community Service Officers.  They have 2 canine units.

City of Austin
City Hall
500 4th Ave NE

City Hall is located in the Municipal Building, a facility it shares with Austin Utilities. The city is governed by the mayor and a seven-member city council, which meets the first and third Monday of each month in the Council Chambers, located in the lower level of the Municipal Building. The council represents three wards.

To contact city officials:

Mayor Thomas A. Stiehm
437-9965 E-mail:

City Administrator, Craig Clark
437-9940 E-mail:

Administrative Services Director, Tom Dankert
437-9959 E-mail:

Public Works Director, Steven Lang
437-9949 E-mail:

Human Resources Director, Trish Wiechmann
437-9942 E-mail:

City Clerk, Ann Kasel
437-9943 E-mail: 

Parks and Recreation Director, Kim Underwood
433-1881 E-mail:

Library Director, Julie Clinefelter
323 Fourth Avenue NE
433-2391 E-mail:

HRA Director, Jon Erichson
308 Second Avenue NE
437-9945 E-mail:

Development Corporation Director, John Garry
329 North Main Street, Suite 106L
433-9495 E-mail:

City Government