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  • Organization.  Forstner reviewed 2018 Priorities. Most goals were achieved or exceeded. Two exceptions were in the area of advocacy. Governor Dayton vetoed preemption and the Chamber did not initiate discussion regarding repeal of the local option sales tax. The City has earmarked additional flood mitigation projects for those funds.
    Board Participation. Forstner reviewed the 2018 Board activity spreadsheet with members. Points are awarded for participation and attendance at committee meetings as well as sponsorships. Nan Hanegraaf accumulated the most points over the year, 57, edging out Taggert Medgaarden. Thank you, Nan!
    2019 Budget was reviewed. The Executive Committee recommended approval. The budget projects $534,275 in revenue and expenses of $533,341. Included on the revenue side is a $10 rate increase for all members. Expenses include $10,000 to promote Buy Mower and other shop local efforts. Motion by Marmsoler, second by Hanegraaf to approve the budget as presented; passed unanimously.
    2019 Priorities & Expectations. Board expectations were reviewed and are identical to 2018. Motion by Johnson, second by Gray to approve the same Priorities and Expectations for 2019; passed unanimously.
    2019 Executive Committee. Officers recommended the following directors for appointments to the Executive Committee: Dan Marmsoler, president board chair; Bill Budion, past president board chair; Taggert Medgaarden, first vice president chair and chair president-elect; Jackie Bumgardner, vice president; Jana Gray, vice president; Dale Wicks, vice president; Nan Hanegraaf, vice president. Motion by Bumgardner, second by Wicks to confirm all 2019 officers as presented.
    2019 Committees were reviewed. The Community Receptionist Committee will be inactive. All committees have board representation. Thank you!
    Minnesota Chamber Federation members held a meeting, Dec. 18 in Eden Prairies. Minnesota Chamber staff reviewed priorities and strategies for the upcoming session. Both Hansen and Forstner attended.Chamber Board/Staff titles. Forstner recommended that the Board change leadership titles. He and Hansen visited member banks to update records and found that several asked for the title President. As a convenience and a better reflection of responsibilities he recommended that Hansen’s title be changed from Executive Director to President. The Board position would then also be changed from President to Chair. Hansen added that bylaws would need to be modified to reflect the change. Motion by Medgaarden, second by Marmsoler to change the titles outlined in the bylaws as recommended, effective immediately. The 2019 Executive Committee appointments noted above were changed to reflect this decision.
  • Board Changes.  Resignations from Matt Cano and Doug Nuckolls were presented to the Board. Motion made, seconded, passed unanimously to accept both resignations, effective immediately.
    Appointment. Nuckolls’ resignation left a vacancy on the Executive Committee. Officers recommended the appointment of Nan Hanegraaf to the Vice Chair position. Motion made, seconded, passed unanimously to appoint Hanegraaf to the Executive Committee, effective immediately.
    2019 Election. Three directors, Dan Marmsoler, Adam Houck and Dale Wicks were elected to their second 3-year term at the Fall Meeting. Four others were elected to their first 3-year term:
    Danielle Morem, Joseph Bower, Scott Fox and Lindsey Haney. Haney had previously been appointed to the Board to fulfill the remaining year of Marie Fryer’s term. All new directors will take office in January.
  • Business of the Year nominations are now being accepted. Awards include Small and Large Business of the Year as well as Project of the Year. Chamber Ambassadors will visit all nominees and prepare videos promoting their business. The banquet will be held Thursday, Feb. 28 at the Holiday Inn. Directors were encouraged to submit nominations before the December 14 deadline.
  • 2019 Minnesota Chamber Federation. Government Affairs recommended approval of 2019 Priorities and enrollment into the 2019 Minnesota Chamber Federation. Forstner noted that Austin has been a part of the Federation since inception. Policy areas remain in draft form but focus on Tax Competitiveness (including conformity with Federal reform), Transportation Funding, Workforce Solutions, Preemption of Local Employment Mandates and more options in Health Care. Forstner said he and Hansen attended a December 18 Federation meeting in Minnetonka to gather additional insight on priorities. The Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee will host conference calls with Sen. Dan Sparks and Rep. Jeanne Poppe, the first Tuesday of each month (January 8th due to holiday).


Bullets From the Board

december 2018 LIAISON REPORTS

Next meeting will be at 7:30 a.m., Wednesday, January 16, 2019

  • Austin Public Schools had a security scare. A note was found threatening to “shoot up” the school. Krenz said the district enacted their emergency security plan and will continue to follow heightened security measures for the week. No one knows if the threat was a hoax or not. Krenz said procedures went well and the district will always error on the side of caution to keep students safe.
  • Discover Austin is organizing committees to assist in the Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener in 2019. The event will bring nearly $1 million in publicity to the City, Schnable estimated. The 2019 Visitor’s Guide will be released soon.