The Austin Area Chamber of Commerce 

supports our members by promoting local

commerce, advocating business perspectives
and establishing relationships for ​business

and community success.

Mailing Address:  329 North Main Street, Suite 102

                               Austin, MN  55912

Office Hours:   Monday-Thursday: 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
                          Friday: 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.



The Austin Area Chamber of Commerce is most often the first stop for people anticipating a move to our community.  Each year, the Chamber receives requests from hundreds of people who want to know more about living and working in the Austin area.  The Chamber's Someplace Special magazine, which provides city fact information that a person moving here might need, including: housing, schools, and healthcare, to mention a few.  It also features an excellent pictorial of the outstanding quality of life we all enjoy in Austin and surrounding communities.  The Magazine, along with a listing of current members, and an area map are included in the relocation packets mailed from the Chamber office.  Many of the area businesses use the Relocation Packet to recruit employees to the area.  Contact Kristen, our Community Concierge, to receive a copy of this publication OR click on image to view online.

We're here for you
We represent all business types and sizes, including retail, manufacturing, trade and service industries, and welcome all to join us.

We strive to be the best

Members invest in the Chamber for one primary reason - to promote, protect and develop business interests within our area.  The principle aim of the Chamber must be for the general good - not just individual business gain.  While it is likely that the Chamber can and will be of direct benefit to your business, it is certain that its programming will create a better business environment for everyone.

The Chamber works to improve our area’s business climate, thereby enhancing the quality of life of all residents.


WHY THE Chamber?

We are a business organization, led by business owners and managers, who design and implement programs to improve our overall business climate.  The strength of the Chamber lies in attracting the greatest number of members, thus creating a pool of resources from which ideas, energy and finances can be drawn.  We are founded in the principal that "We're Better Together," and work collectively toward common goals that benefit both community and individual members.  The Chamber represents nearly 400 members that collectively employ over 10,000 people.