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The Board of Directors of the Austin Area Chamber of Commerce sets the organization's priorities
and programming.  Below is an outline of priorities for 2018.

#1 PRIORITY --Workforce Development
Workforce is the Chamber’s top economic development priority. Member businesses have noted that it is increasingly difficult to recruit and retain key employees to our area. AustinWorks is a collaborative, workforce initiative designed to help companies recruit employees and connect their families to the community. Major components of the program include:

  • Continue to expand, enhance services offered through AustinWorks, including concierge services, marketing members, and serving major employers. Goal: 200-plus families served.
  • Community Receptionist. Revise and publish 4th edition of Someplace Special magazine by Spring 2018.
  • The Chamber co-hosts a Summer Job Fair with Workforce Development, helping to connect students with local job opportunities.
  • Support and assist in the successful launch of Mower County CEO.


#2 PRIORITY --Promoting Our Members

Continue Buy Mower/Grow Mower, a shop local campaign.

  • 10% Rebates (up to $500) will be paid to all members including Buy Mower, We Are Austin logos along with “shop local” messaging.
  • Continue direct marketing opportunities for members through Spring and Holiday coupon books. All members receive a $50 discount in these publications, thanks to Chamber subsidies.
  • The Chamber will promote the purchase Chamber Bucks to members and the general public with the goal of exceeding 2017 sales redemptions of $115,000.

#3 PRIORITY -- Membership

The Chamber will continue to grow its membership base, thereby raising the value for all members and increasing the volume of our voice for business.

  • Reach out to all members with staff and board members to review Chamber programming and changing membership needs.
  • Continue Grow Mower/Grow Minnesota business retention and expansion program, monitoring the State of Business in Austin and Mower County.
  • Maintain a 94% retention rate.
  • Add 30 new members

#4 PRIORITY -- Business Advocacy

The Chamber will provide a strong, effective voice for its business members in government affairs. Top priorities for 2017 included:

  • Continued participation in the Minnesota Chamber Federation on state issues that impact business.
  • The top priority for the 2018 Legislative Session is to establish Uniform Labor Standards across the state, preempting local ordinances.
  • 2018 is an Election Year. The Chamber will actively promote elections and candidates with a focus on local offices.
  • The Chamber will initiate discussion regarding the City’s local option sales tax and the use of those funds.

#5 PRIORITY -- Promoting Our Community

The Chamber will host activities that connect and showcase our members, and also organize events that enhance our quality of life and improve our area economy.

  • Vision 2020. We support the responsible development of programs and amenities that enhance the quality of life of all residents.
  • Christmas in the City. The Chamber will host holiday events in four retail sectors of the community, and continue to promote all members in the Calendar of Events.
  • Freedom Fest. The Chamber will continue to build on our annual “celebration of community and country,” organizing and hosting events over the 4th of July holiday that entertain tens of thousands of residents and visitors alike.
  • Ag Appreciation Summer Cookout. The Chamber will continue to promote agriculture and the agribusiness community through this customer appreciation event.

#6 PRIORITY -- Leadership

  • The Chamber Board will lead the transition to a new Executive Director by the end of 2018.
  • A Board Retreat will be scheduled with the new director to facilitate planning of Chamber programming and priorities.

2018 Chamber Priorities